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Shrove Tuesday is here also known as the Pancake Tuesday in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

Pancake day falls either in February or March a day before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent.

Here are some ways this is known as/called in various other countries and how is celebrated:

  • In Germany – is called Fastnachtsdienstag;
  • In Denmark and Norway the day is known as Fastelavn;
  • In countries where Spanish, Portuguese or Italian language is spoken it is known as Carnival – we all know about the Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Venetians celebrate carnival with a masquerade whereas in Spain, the Carnival Tuesday is named “día de la tortilla”;
  • In Romania – Festivalul Clatitelor (Pancake Festival) held mainly around Brasov area but the day is also known as ‘Lasata Secului’;
  • In Iceland – Sprengidagur (Bursting Day) marked by eating salted meat and peas;
  • In Lithuania – Užgavėnės. People eat pancakes (blynai) and doughnuts called ‘spurgos’;
  • In Sweden – Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) celebrated by eating a pastry type called ‘semla’;
  • In Finland – Laskiainen – people celebrate by eating green pea soup and a pastry called laskiaispulla (sweet bread filled with whipped cream and jam or almond paste);
  • In France – La chandeleurit is custom to prepare “Crêpes” and this symbolises, wealth, good crops and health for the year to come;
  • In Estonia – Vastlapäev and is celebrated by eating pea soup and whipped-cream or whipped-cream and jam filled sweet-buns called vastlakukkel;
  • In Poland -tłusty czwartek (Fat Thursday);
  • In Slovenia – Kurentovanje – also biggest and best known carnival in Slovenia;
  • In some parts of Switzerland (e.g. Lucerne) the day is called Güdisdienstag, preceded by Güdismontag – term deriving from “Güdel”, which means a fat stomach full of food;
  • In Hungary – Húshagyókedd;


Enjoy as many pancakes as you may fit in and…… if they happen to be healthier version like this one… I am sure there will be plenty going in.


Here are some pancake recipes:

Quick weekend apple pancakes
Simple apple pancakes, covered in syrup
Everyday pancakes
Everyday basic pancakes, stacked, with syroup
Totally scrumptious waffles
A white plate with scrumptious waffles, all covered in delicious chocolate sauce.

Other Delicious Recipes

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