About me

Hi! I’m Ramona and I am truly happy you stopped by!

Welcome to my cooking little world! This is my space where I gladly share my recipes, my spontaneously created meals, occasionally some little stories and dishes that my family and occasionally my friends have and enjoy. In here you will also find recipes for some of my most favourite childhood dishes that I still enjoy having topped by the nice memories that they bring back feeding my soul at the same time.

I enjoyed my grandma’s cooking tremendously as a kid and I still love and enjoy my mum’s despite her believing she is the worst cook – she is just being super modest but that’s my lovely mum, she is just lovely.

Cooking is a great hobby of mine, it always was, I find cooking fun, it’s my time to mentally relax and most importantly, it is my time to switch off from all the daily pressures. I could easily say that cooking is my therapy, my time to think, relax and catch up with family or friends.

I passionately enjoy trying new things, playing with ingredients, new combinations so no dish should and would ever be the same with a previously cooked one.  I sometimes find myself itching to even change the most traditional dish that I have eaten since I was a little pea.

I do not have any culinary training, apart from a 2 hours sushi course that I had to do since I was all new to it a few years back as kids developed a sudden love for sushi that was unprecedented, well I did too when I had sushi for the first time.

Despite never spending time in the kitchen learning how to cook, I did have this love for taking up cooking challenges since pretty young, try and create my own dishes, writing up recipes or recreate a dish after eating something out something that I liked. I used to  cook for my parents and twin bro from quite young – can’t really remember the age I was butI am pretty sure was somewhere close to 8 or 9.

I thought of starting my blog to gather here all my top favourite recipes, some simpler than others, recipes for dishes that I would always cook and love having no matter how many times I have cooked them before.

Although I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen, I am a strong believer that cooking has to be simple as sophistication does not help especially these days when family meals are becoming such a chore due to the time we never have enough of.

Eating healthy, seasonal, fresh and cooking daily is the way I feel we should all find time for. For this, we need a space like this blog, a space to inspire with quick and yummy recipes to put together for ourselves and our loved ones.

I love creating that sense of freestyle cooking giving anyone that wishes and dares to enter the kitchen with the intention to cook, the inspiration or the courage to try (I am referring here to those that are scared of cooking or even scared of trying to give cooking a go), the liberty and total freedom to bravely get in the kitchen, put the apron on and get on with creating a dish that family and/or friends willhopefully enjoy and remember ;-).

I would love to know that my little space here in the vast internet cooking cloud will be one that someone whos never tried to cook before will stumble across and feel like they want to give it a try, the novice, the beginner, the moderately confident and the very confident cook will all want to come back here for some inspiration, to see whats new.

Are you a busy mum, of course you are, all mums are busy, so Ramona’s Cuisine is the best place for getting ideas for quick n’ healthy, quick n’ yummy family meals!

Quick’n yummy from a busy mummy!”

I am sure you do feel exactly like I do, especially when having little ones, wanting to cook something healthy, yummy, nutritious and nourishing but after a whole day of running around this has to be an easy and quick task, right?

I am a mother of 2 pandas or chipmunks as I always call my kids depending on how good/cute or noisy they are (they really are pandas most of the times and noisy and bickering just like that irritating chipmunks on some occasions, ha ha).

I know that all super-mums want to offer their children the best nutrition on every plateful and there is nothing to replace that with a beautiful home cooked from scratch meal. At the same time, I absolutely love and enjoy entertaining, so beside my family I know I want to give my friends the best food because I care and take good pride of what goes on the dinner table. It has to be nice, tasty, healthy and of course all homemade.

As I was saying being adventurous and combining ingredients is something I enjoy and like to venture. The outcome? … yes, you have guessed, most of the times edible and for all tastes including the kiddos which for me it’s most important! Well, at least the recipes that are coming up here on my blog are those with great outcomes. 😉 My kids and hubby are my best judges for everything I cook and they are the ones always give me the most sincere feedback.

With the risk of repeating myself, I will say that cooking is real fun, oh, yes it’s fun, I mean it, come on, it has to be made easy, interesting, exciting, because ingredients combination is endless.

I am not at all a fun of really sophisticated recipes with suprer looooooonnnng ingredient list and loooooong hours of cooking. Who needs all that? We go to restaurants for that! Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE traditional cooking and dishes, it is all great, but hey, we live in the 21st Century, we are busy peeps.

Weekends?? … yes, different story but I have to say that lately I rarely have the time to do long cooking even at the weekends with so many activities, clubs and fun life in general, so meals have to be the quick and easy ones even then.

Ok, let’s get busy cooking and make it fun! Have a sip of wine a little dance around and let the chef within show up in your kitchen. Be courageous and spontaneous!!

So, let’s open the fridge, see what’s in there, get creative, get adventurous, come up with a dish in minutes that your family will be very proud of and really enjoy. Let’s ditch takeaways now!

It’s time to distress now, time to cook and have some ……fun!

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Have a nice day and hope to see you again soon!

Ramona xx