About me

Cooking is my hobby, it’s fun, it’s my time to mentally relax and switch off from all the daily pressures.

I thought of creating something that is simplistic, it gives that sense of freestyle cooking in the sense that gives anyone that wishes and dares to cook the idea and the liberty and total freedom to bravely create a dish.

Are you a busy mum too? This is the best place for getting ideas for quick’n healthy meals! I am sure you do feel like me after a full day at work or running around, just to cook something nutricious, easy but at the same time quick to prepare too.

As a mother myself I know that all supermums want to give their children the best on their plate and there is nothing to replace that with that home made cooked from scratch meal.

As a food enthusiast and lover of good ‘n’ healthy food, I’m never afraid of just trying anything new. I greatly enjoy being adventurous and combining ingredients. The outcome? … yes, you have guessed it …. it’s for all tastes indeed! Including the kiddos! Well, at least the recipes that are up here on my blog are these best outcomes. 😉

Cooking is real fun, oh, yes it’s fun,come on, it has to be made easy, interesting, exciting, and ingredients combination should be endless which is why I am not a fun of really sophisticated recipes, and looooooonnnng ingredients list. That for me is really off putting. Ok, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE traditional dishes, they’re great, but hey, we live in the 21st Century!!! Who on earth would like to spend that many hours cooking? Wekkends?? … yes, different story but I have to say that lately I rarely have the time to do long cooking even at the weekends with so many activities, clubs and fun to do, cooking has to be pretty quick.

Come on, get busy around the kitchen and make it fun. Have a sip of wine a little dance around and let the chef within show up in your kitchen. Be courageous and spontaneous!!

So, open the fridge, see what’s in there, get creative, get adventurous, come up with a dish in minutes that your family will be very proud of and really enjoy. Ditch takeaways now!

Come on folks let’s give it a go!!! It’s time to distress!

Quick’n yammy from a busy mummy!”

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Loads of love

Ramona xx