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    • Absolutely, Caroline, orzo it’s really nice – I cannot have enough of it, that is for sure and so are my kids – never enough – tasty and cute 😉

  1. Don’t get me started on burning nuts (stop being rude), it is my curse in the kitchen… The are insanely quick to catch and pine nuts are so expensive so yeah I try to keep an eye on them too but I am so easily distracted 😉 Love the sound of this recipe so bright, vibrant and summery!

    • Ha ha Brian, you got me there for a sec ?. Watch the nuts please ?, and you know what, I always, always ( without a fail) find something else to do other than watching the nuts. That’s why, I need to be rude! lol. So, please watch the nuts!
      I’m glad you like the recipe, thank you Brian.??

    • Thank you so much, It absolutely is a perfect option for a packed lunch Rhiannon, but also ideal for a picnic or even a dinner – any time winner really. 😉

    • Hi Amanda, yes, absolutely, take the chicken out and it makes a lovely vegetarian option – still super delicious ;-). Enjoy it lovely! xx

  2. That is such a gorgeous, summer salad! What a great dinner for a busy week night! Definitely giving this a try! I love the whole cook once, eat twice revolution!

    • Hi Beth, the cook once eat twice revolution is soo handy especially on these hot days – PERFECT! Thank you so much, I hope you will enjoy it!

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