10 Super Easy Dessert Recipes to Wow Your Friends and Family

Who doesn’t like a mouthwatering dessert after a nice meal? We all do love luscious desserts, don’t we? You probably feel that your meal is incomplete without the right dessert that goes with it. But, buying one every day can be quite a pain to one’s budget.

The great news is that you can always make your own dessert that will definitely leave your friends and family in awe. Check out these super easy dessert recipes you can make at home.

1. Yummy Creme Coconut

A batch of yummy creme coconut.

If you’re a coconuts fun, then you should absolutely try this super creamy and truly yummy dessert that will complement your meal. Using just a few ingredients as simple as eggs, milk and coconut, you and your family can have a super lush treat to enjoy any time.

2. Super light everyday fruit and cream gateau

Enjoy a fruit and cream gateau with crème Bulla-Bulla and other appetizing ingredients, for an excellent winter dessert.

Are you ready for a fruity, creamy and chocolaty gateau that you can easily put together? If so, then you have to try this delightful easy dessert recipe. Fresh fruits will do the magic, but the canned or frozen ones would do just as great. Your kids will love it too, so check out the recipe.

3. Healthy, sugar and bake-free lime, dates and walnut pie

Savor this sugar, lime, dates and walnut pie, a bake-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and totally flavorful vegan pie.

When it’s time for extremely nutritious, delicious healthy desserts, lime, dates and walnut pies are a wonderful combination. Many have fallen in love with this super easy recipe, and we ensure that you’ll feel the same too.

4. Delightful Peach and ground almond gluten-free cake

Peach and ground almond gluten free cake

We know how much you like a really nice cake that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Well, this delightful easy-to-make cake is perfect for you. Share it with someone while drinking your favorite coffee or at tea time

5. Extremely Delectable Skinnier chocolate peanut butter brownies

chocolate peanut butter brownies

photo: jenniferoppermann.com

What’s more appetizing than brownies, nuts and peanut butter combined altogether for a perfect easy-to-prepare treat? We are pleased to bring you a perfect recipe that will allow you to make a delicious dessert that everyone will love. So, what are waiting for?

6. Delicious Vanilla bean lemon bars for your Everyday Dessert

Vanilla Bean Lemon BarsPhoto: lovelylittlekitchen.com

Easy-to-make snack cake suitable for the entire family! If we enjoy the perfect combination of the tart lemon and vanilla bean paste, we are sure you’ll love it too. Needing just a few ingredients, you now have luscious desserts you can share with friends and family.

7. Tagalongs Cookies Recipe – Low Carb Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies

Low carb gluten free cookiesPhoto: wholesomeyum.com

Whether it’s for a special occasion or you’re just craving for something chocolaty, delicious and tasty, this Tagalongs cookies recipe tastes just the same as the real ones. It is a low-carb cookie recipe you can make in just less than an hour. What’s the secret to making these cookies? Well, read this super, super simple recipe above.

8. Tasty yet Healthy German chocolate brownies

German Chocolate browniesPhoto:spicedblog.com

A German chocolate cake with a twist is now available for you, your friends and loved ones to enjoy! Featuring a chocolaty base topped with a unique combination of toasted pecans and coconut, this making this luscious dessert won’t take so much of your time.
Wouldn’t you want to know more how to make this delicious, yet healthy dessert?

9. Super Delectable Mascarpone Tiramisu Dessert that Matches your Taste Buds

Cheese tiramisu

You’ll definitely fall in love with this dessert (if not in love already) by just looking at it, but wnen you will get a taste of it?…..Don’t even worry if you can’t have it all at once, just put it in the fridge, as it lasts for a few days. Get creative and make a kid version of it with replacing the booze and the coffee. See more details in the recipe…

10. Simple Yet Classy Almond, apricot and limoncello torte dessert

almond apricot and limoncello tart

If you were not a fan of limoncello, we guarantee that you’ll be one immediately after having this limoncello tart. Try this recipe for a tasty, delicious and simple yet very sophisticated dessert that’s very easy to make and prepare.

There you have it! Did you enjoy the list of the super easy dessert recipes? Try this at home and you’ll surely astonish your family and friends?

I have compiled this family friendly dessert recipes as I’ve found these to be amongst the most loved ones with friends and family evenings as well as parties.

Have you found this list intersting and appealing, do you know friends that might enjoy these desserts then please dare to share this article with your loved ones.

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