Best homemade Yorkshire puddings

12 Yorkshire puddings on a white plate

I love Yorkshire puddings but I always used to buy them because I never thought I could make them at home. I was obviously wrong. In fact they came out amazing; on my very first attempt they were an utter success, and have never been a failure since. It is just a matter of doing things right and you cannot go wrong.

That’s why I always say to myself that I have to try something before giving up or saying “I don’t think I can make that”. We are capable of doing a lot more than we ever believe and think …. 😄😉

I have heard many saying that they can never make yourkshire puds at home and I now contradict them all. Yes, you can! Just give my recipe a try. Truly, these are the easiest thing to do, almost as easy as taking the bought ones from freezer and baking them.

There can be some room for error but if you follow the instructions thoroughly there is no way these Yorkshire puds will fail to look and taste absolutely delicious.

And, hey, a Sunday roast, a Christmas lunch or dinner, a Thanksgiving dinner or a New Year’s party should never go without these “guys” 😂 , a few veggies like this chuncky cauliflower dish on one side,  a bit of mashed potatoes on the other side…yumm! These Yorkshire puddings make such a serious difference… Just try it out, they taste even better than the frozen ones available in stores. Of course they do, they have no additives in them, they are homemade!

Oh, and by the way, they freeze beautifully so you could make them way in advance, bigger batches and take out whenever needed. They are good in the freezer for a good few weeks or even more (if they ever make it)😉.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this essential bit:

Some Yorkshire puds inflating in the oven
Some Yorkshire puds inflating in the oven

If you have a glass door oven and have excited kids like mine, gather them around the oven, to watch those little puds puffing away in an instant. They will just love it, it’s so much fun! My kids are bigger now and still enjoy watching whenever possible.

I never missed such a great moment either, we’re ‘fighting’ on who’s first to get to watch through the oven door, to observe the  instant  puffing and the superb pudding ‘inflation’ happening in the oven. 😊😂

12 Yorkshire puddings on a white plate
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Best homemade Yorkshire puddings

These Yorkshire puddings or popovers are such great fun making and they are super delicious.

Course Side Dish
Cuisine English, Ramona's Cuisine
Keyword popovers, puddings, puds
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 22 puds
Author Ramona


  • 140 g white flour
  • 200 ml milk
  • 100-150 ml oil (for cooking)
  • 4 eggs
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. Preheat the oven at 180 C -200 C.
  2. Pour some oil/goose fat into a nonstick/silicone 12 holes muffin tray and place in the preheated oven for about 10-12 minutes until the oil/fat is fairly hot. The battery should be sizzling when poured in. This is very important! If oil isn't hot enough the puds won't be right.
  3. In a bowl, swift the flour mixed with salt and a little pepper.
  4. Make a little well in the middle of the flour and put in the eggs. Using a whisking tool, whisk the eggs with the flour until it all becomes a lump-free, a thicker batter.
  5. Pour in the milk gradually while still whisking constantly until the batter becomes smoother.
  6. Pour the batter into a jug and set aside until ready to be poured in.
  7. Carefully remove the tray from the oven and start pouring a little batter in each hole. Try and be pretty quick with this. When finished, place carefully but quickly the tray back in the oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes until nicely 'tanned'.

Recipe Notes

Rule no. 1: - Oil has to be hot, hot, hot!
Rule no. 2: - DO NOT open oven door while baking the puds.
If you respect these 2 rules, success is guaranteed. 👍 You see, I told you, it wasn’t hard! 

The pudding batter can be made a day before (keep in the fridge over night and take out 1-2 hours before making) but it can also be made 5 minute before baking them and it is as good. This needs to be shared as equally as possible into 6 portions. I would say it is going to be something like 60-70 ml each. I will measure next time I make these and let you know.

The standard flour can be replaced with gluten free flour. They also come out great.

The vegetable oil can be replaced with goose or duck fat, ghee or coconut oil for a little taste twist. 😋 👌🏼Again, oil level in each muffin cavity should be around a finger high, not higher. 

Having said all these, it’s time to get those puffing up. Oh, and fully enjoy these yummy beauties!

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3 thoughts on “Best homemade Yorkshire puddings”

  1. I am soooo excited to try these. I wish there was a little more guidance on how much oil to put in the muffin tin and how much batter to put in the muffin tin. I just put mine in the oven and pretty sure they’ll be as big as London eye 😂😂. My muffin tin is only has six spots but they’re massive and I filled it up 3/4 of the way. So out of all the batter I got 5 puddins.

    • Hi Danielle,
      Thank you for this.
      Oh, you made me laugh out loud here 🤣😂😅. As big as London Eye puds are just perfect 👌 Lol 😂
      I will definitely add some guidance to the recipe, thank you for flagging it up. Truthfully, there is no right or wrong in how much oil to put into muffin tin but as an indication I’d say 3/4cm or 1/3inch in each. You can put more but that’s going to go to waste as it’ll remain in the tin after baking those since they only absorb as much as they need.
      In terms of batter I’d say roughly 60-70 ml batter in each.
      Let me know how they were, would be lovely to find out 🤗
      Thank you once again. Xx

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