25 Most Desired Recipes to Cook or Bake This December – Something For Everyone

As soon as the last few  autumn leaves fall we are already looking forward to feast on the flavours of the holiday season, don’t we? Christmas is almost here now. Think about sumptuous breakfast and brunch, hearty salads and soups, warm casseroles and pasta, and not to mention those mouth-watering desserts to satisfy your cravings for sweets. No matter what time and day of the week; these 25 Most Desired Recipes to Cook or Bake This December – Something for Everyone are here to try and will leave you, your family, and friends wanting for more. Bone appetite!

1 – Curried Brussels Sprouts With Chicken And Cavolo Nero

A festive plate of curried Brussels sprouts, with chicken and chopped cavolo Nero.

Everybody’s all-time favourite, chicken, mixed with an explosion flavours. Here you have a colourful, nutritious and yummy before, during, and post-holiday dish for everyone to enjoy. You can even mix in your favourite meat or vegetables.


2 – Roast Pork in a Bath of Beer and a Bed of Mixed Onions

A chunky piece of roast pork, on a bed of beer and onions.

Beer on pork, anyone? Melts-in-your-mouth pork roast is a staple dish during autumn festivities that is so easy to prepare yet oozes with flavours brought about by hours of slow cooking. Check the recipe and enjoy a game or two with family while the pot is roasting.


3 – Shakshura, Egg Breakfast with a Twist

Grabbing a chunk of shakshuka, all prepared for an awesome egg brunch.

We want you to transform and enjoy your already satisfying breakfast into an extraordinary experience! Prepare freshly toasted bread on the side of this Mediterranean dish of eggs in tomato sauce and a little dash and pinch of a not-so-secret ingredients-a tinge of sweetness from Indonesian soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and a hint of spiciness of Sriracha…your lunch or dinner is complete. 


4 – Banana, Dates and Rum Loaf

A slice of loaf with banana, dates and rum.

A savoury brunch or snack and loaded with fibre and energy may just as well be the kids favourite in your home. Enjoy a hint of banana and rum with loads of dates in a slice.  You can have a complete meal already with just a slice (or two, let’s be honest) with bacon and eggs with homemade jam or yoghurt on top. Try this rummy and nutty loaf.


5 – Apple and Cranberry Super Breakfast (A weekend breakfast must-have!)

A delicious slice of apple and cranberry super breakfast delight, topped with yogurt.

An aroma of healthy and appetizing breakfast on a weekend will make you want to leave the bed immediately. Welcome the day with a slice of this apple and cranberry pie and yoghurt on top with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a glass of warm milk and you have a satisfying breakfast already (but don’t be surprised if someone asks for it as a regular weekend treat).


6 – Pasta Shells Filled with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese

A batch of pasta shells filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, fresh out of the oven.

Go vegetarian while still enjoying a taste of an all-time favourite Italian pasta. Healthy comfort dish on a cool, brisk, and breezy day guaranteed with golden brown melted cheese on top and spinach and ricotta cheese inside pasta shells. This recipe is definitely not going to be exclusive for autumn but an all year round star.


7 – Truffle, Mushroom, Rice And Mountain Lentil Pilaf

Truffle, mushroom, rice and mountain lentil pilaf

Mushroom, truffle, lentils and rice- makes a lunch or dinner oh so nice! Your choice of steaks-lamb or beef-, roasted chicken, or pork dish is now complete with this side dish. Without any meat, any vegetarian can simply add pickles and enjoy the meal. Try this versatile dish now.


8 – Best Ever Quail Eggs, Potato and Mushrooms Brunch

Quail eggs, potato and mushrooms

Here is another truly desired recipe, a winner any time.  Kids will love this vitamin and nutrients loaded dish for a delightful brunch. The best thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it ahead of time. Another non-meat dish for Christmas awaits your dinner table. Click here for the recipe.


9 – Delicious and Super Healthy Lamb Curry

Super healthy Lamb Curry

Add this hearty dish of Lamb in a heap of healthy herb and spices without oil or frying. Cook this authentic appealing colour, aromatic, and flavorful traditional Middle Eastern dish for on a chilly winter night. oh, yesss. Look for the recipe here.


10 – Chunky Beef Frankfurters, Vegetables, and Kalamata Olives Linguini

Chunky Beef Frankfurters, vegetables and kalamata olives linguini

Frankfurters without a bun? Pasta, vegetables, and your favourite beef frankfurters combined in one dish is a new treat for your palate. Prepare this energy-packed goodness for lunch or dinner to keep everyone energetic. Not even the picky eater can resist getting this recipe.


11 – Delicious Duck on Soba Buckwheat Noodles

Shake up your dinner routine with this delightful duck on soba buckwheat noodles, augmented by amazing Asian spices.

What’s up duck? Nothing but a heavenly fusion of duck, noodles, and spices of Asian cuisine goodness! In less than 45 minutes, we assure you that this flavorful and colourful dish will be a standout at the dinner table. I highly recommend this dish.


12 – Potato, Olives and Feta Cheese Salad (A quick fix favourite!)

A bowl full of delicious potato, olives and feta cheese salad.

You wouldn’t let a hard day’s work or a busy schedule gets in the way of a healthy green family dinner, would you? Toss these simple ingredients about and voila! Dinner is ready.


13 – Eat them All Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo: dishesdelish.com

Chocolate chips cookies, who could resist? Unlike any other cookies, this recipe contains less sugar but still bursting with delight of that chocolate chips goodness. Bake a batch or two to fill up the cookie jars as you see your family devour it in no time. Try it out!

14 – Superb Salmon Pesto and Asparagus Bake

This salmon pesto and asparagus bake is a great dish idea for parties, absolutely fast to prepare and delicious.

Omega 3, vitamin K, folate, Vitamins B1, B2, C, and E, and unsaturated fats in one meal? This easy bake recipe of salmon and asparagus in pesto sauce is a healthy and light escape from all the meat dishes on the table. Try it now.


15 – Quick ‘N’ Yummy Apple Strudel

Some slices of delicious apple strudel (roulade).

Whether you bake it or eat it freshly picked, there’s something about apples that makes you addicted. Apple pie is the most common treat using apples, so try this dish for a change. Add this recipe to your apple desserts list.


16 – Pasta Al Forno – Baked Pasta the Italian Way

pasta al fornoPhoto:pasta-project.com

No table is without a touch of Italian dish on almost all festivities. Bake like the Italians do with this pasta al forno which is perfect for Christmas gathering. Children and adults will look forward to sitting around your table if you keep this traditional pasta in “ragu” or meat sauce as an option for your holidays menu.


17 – Banana, Ginger and Walnut Cake

Are you a banana dessert lover? Then you're going to enjoy this Banana, ginger and walnut cake, it's simple and delicious.

Treat your palate with a slice of fruity and nutty cake with a hint of ginger for breakfast, snack and your afternoon tea. You can adjust how much ingredients you will use for flavouring this but this banana and walnut cake is a great choice for your Christmas menu. Bake this and you will feel a real treat.


18 – Perfectly Delectable Pulled Pork

Photo: dishesdelish.com

Delectable and oh, so tender and flavorful pulled pork is perfect for bread or rice any time of the day at Christmas time. The savoury meat juice mixed with the spices cooked in perfection with a slow cooker will leave you salivating. Find out what to put on the rub before cooking.


19 – Zebra poundcake or Cake Marble by Christophe Felder

Zebra poundcake

Photo: casseroleetchocolat.fr

Your version of baked to perfection marble cake or zebra pound cake maybe close to a masterpiece by Christophe Felder. This is an easy bake chocolate icing delight your sweet tooth can’t resist.  Here are a few tips in cooking this dessert.

20 – Ox Tongue Curry

Try this ox tongue curry, a simple to prepare, inexpensive and spicy treat, with subtle texture and distinct flavors.

Surprise everyone with a tender, slightly spicy, and so flavorful ox tongue cooked in a curry for lunch or dinner. This is a true indulgence which can be served with rice or basmati or flat bread. Be ready to share this recipe once you prepared this dish.


21 – Pizzoccheri alla Valtellinese

Pizzoccheri alla ValtellinesePhoto: the-pasta-project.com

A special healthy dish for special occasions and not only . This vegetarian Italian dish uses pizzoccheri pasta, cheese, and potatoes. Yes potatoes in pasta makes this unique and not bland as you would think. Try this recipe -the only way to find out how beautiful and perfect this dish is.


22 – Ox Tongue Goulash

This ox tongue goulash is a satisfying treat, a comforting food you can prepare in your kitchen, without fancy ingredients.

Hungry for a taste of Hungary? We got it covered for you. This Hungarian style delicacy, Goulash, is made easy for you to prepare and for your family to instantly love. The subtleness and smoothness of this will just melt in your mouth. If you cannot find an Ox tongue for this goulash recipe, check the recipe for alternative ingredients.


23 – Best Ever Cannellini and Butter Bean Soup

Nothing says "comfort" to me like a steamy pot of cannelloni and butter bean soup, simmering on the stove.

What is a chilly winter night without a warm smooth bean soup? Sprinkle with your favorite herb on top of this tempting soup that will satisfy your hunger. Flavorful dinner or a hearty lunch to warm your whole being and it is easy to prepare. 


24 – Apple, Blueberries and Pomegranate Cake

This apple, blueberries and pomegranate cake is a truly healthy and tasty delight, an unforgettable sweet dessert, no matter the age.

How about a fruity flavour overload breakfast for a change? Apple, Blueberries and Pomegranate Cake is a definite yes for kids and kids at heart. The tanginess, tartness, and sweetness of these fruits combined in a butter free batter mix will fill the air with sweetness one cannot simply resist. Here’s the checklist of ingredients.


25 – Semolina and Ricotta Cheese Soufflé

Taste this really scrumptious semolina and ricotta cheese soufflé, a delicate and naturally sweet cheese dessert worth sharing.


Light desserts but heavy on goodness! Traditional soufflés never tasted this good. Be versatile as the Ricotta Cheese and whip up this creamy sweetness as your signature dish in from here on. Check out this easy to follow recipe.

Did you enjoy this list of 25 Most Desired Recipes to Cook or Bake This December – Something For Everyone, right? I collected a list of easy, flavorful, and healthy recipes you can prepare for any meal of the day.

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